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Building Caring,

Peaceful and Civil


Roots of Empathy develops empathy in children today so they can build the world that they deserve.

We’ve reached 1.2 million children globally with our school based programmes and we have research to prove impact. Roots of Empathy reduces aggression, increases sharing, caring and inclusion, and promotes resilience, well-being and positive mental health.

Our vision is to change the world, child by child.

In New Zealand, we have been proud to work with parents, teachers, educators, volunteers, funders, and babies (Tiny Teachers!)  to deliver the Roots of Empathy programme since 2006.

In 2020, we adapted our programme for children so it aligns with New Zealand culture and, in particular, the Māori tikanga (culture) and te reo (language). This was accomplished through the partnership we formed with Tatau Pounamu, a Māori collective in the East Rotorua region and with the assistance of Matua Paraone Pirika, the kaumatua (elder).

Roots of Empathy profoundly thanks all its generous donors in New Zealand. We want to especially recognize the Wright Family Foundation for their substantial contributions for over 6 years, and Harbour Asset Management.

Help children thrive by getting involved today.

Mary Gordon

Award-winning social entrepreneur, educator, author, parenting expert and child advocate.

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