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2019 Research Symposium

May 16 & 17

2019 Proceedings

Baroness Susan Greenfield

Empathy: a neuroscientific perspective

Dr. Abigail Marsh

The altruistic brain

Dr. Valeria Gazzola

How embodied stimulation might help us care about others

Dr. Rebecca Spencer

Sleep on it! How children process emotions in their sleep

Dr. Frances Champagne

Dynamic epigenetic pathways in the developing brain

Dr. Margot Taylor

Social-Cognitive Abilities in Childhood and the Underlying Brain Processes

Dr. Jean Clinton

The Neuroscience of Touch – a conversation with Dr. Tiffany Field

2018 Research Symposium

May 9 & 10

2018 Proceedings

Dr. Andrew Meltzoff

Research on the attachment relationship

Dr. Christian Keysers

The Empathic Brain: From vicarious activations to empathic action

Dr. Brian Goldman

The power of kindness

Dr. David Lätsch

Roots of Empathy research study

Dr. Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir

Improving the lives of youth

Graham Allen

Early intervention: the UK story

Elina Marjamäki

A Youth Workers Guide to Supporting Mental Health

Dr. Ryszard Praszkier

Serendipity, Empathy, and Dance

2017 Research Symposium

April 26 & 27

2017 Proceedings

Dr. Dan Siegel

An Interpersonal Neurobiology Approach to Resilience and the Development of Empathy

Dr. Michael Ungar

The Social Ecology of Resilience: Families, Schools, and Communities

Dr. Joshua Aronson

The Elevation Education: The Art and Science of Helping Children Become Smarter, Nicer, and Happier

A Panel Discussion

Intersection of Business, Government, Philanthropy and Journalism in tackling Social Problems

Dr. Lise Eliot

Brain and gender in infant social development

Bart Weetjens

Training Rats to Save Human Lives and Training Humans to Save Humanity

Mary Black & Maurice Meehan

Improving Outcomes: Reflections from Northern Ireland

2016 Symposium

2016 Proceedings

Dr. Ed Tronick

Multilevel Psychobiological Meaning Making and Empathy

Prof. Pat Dolan & Dr. Mark Brennan

Connecting Activated Social Empathy in Youth

Dr. Jean Clinton

Understanding the Adolescent Brain

Dr. Ian Lambie

what’s happening with high risk young people in New Zealand

Michael Fullan

Perspectives on learning – the coherence framework

Dr. Peter Donnelly

A Public Health Approach to Violence Reduction

Dr. Phillip Herman

Culturally Responsive Research and Development in the Pacific

2015 Symposium

2015 Proceedings

Dr. Bruce Perry

Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered

2014 Symposium

2014 Proceedings

Dr. Philip Zelazo

The brain and promoting empathy in childhood

Dr. Susanne Denham

Social emotional competencies and preschooler’s early success

2013 Symposium

2013 Proceedings

Dr. Stuart Shanker

Self-regulation and the development of empathy

Dr. Susanne Denham

Social emotional competencies and preschooler’s early success

2012 Symposium

2012 Proceedings

Dr. Allan Schore

Modern attachment theory; the enduring impact of early right-brain development

Dr. Andrew Meltzoff

Empathy in the making